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+ Aprillia Lavoisier +
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+ Aprilla Lavoisier - 1794 +
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+ Aprilia's Life +

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 20, 2015, 12:21 AM

Since I created my Alter Ego, Aprilia, when she was married and have a son, I could write more details about her. (I also using WolframAlpha for calculating a years...)

+ Aprilia, My Alter Ego + by Serket-XXI Here's a her when she was 18 years old, on 1793. She wearing a green drees that she got from Lavoisier.

For those you don't know, Aprilia is my alter ego I created after I joined French Revolution fandom, and Magnificent Century fandom.

Aprilia was born in Ankara, Ottoman Empire, on 20 March 1775. She's have a great-great-great-great-great-great grandma Mahidevran, and reincarnation of Mihrunnisa Hatun, the wife of Sehzade Mustafa (her great-great-great-great-great grandpa). Her mother is the teacher and his father are passed away before Aprilia was born. At the age of 10, she can be able to help her family from working at restaurant, as a waiter.
She can speak Turkish, and French after she moved to Paris on 1792 when she was 17 years old. She have a friends during French Revolution, Lavoisier, Marie Anne, Couthon, and Caroline Griffonetfourmis1793.

After Thermidorian Reaction, she was arrested because she's a friends of Couthon and Commitee of Public Safety, but, on 1 August 1794, at first meet her future husband, she was escaped from prison, with help of Burhan, disguised as jailor or sans culottes. They escaped from Paris and stay to Rouen until 10 January 1795.

While in Rouen, Aprilia stay in Burhan's house. Aprilia thank to him, and she tell his name and why he help Aprilia. Because, Burhan want to find the true love. Burhan was born in Burca, on 20 June 1767. He was come from wealthy family because his father are lawyer. He's also rich, and he can buy anything for helping his family. While in Burca, Burhan was bored he can't find a woman in here... And then on 17, Burhan go to around the world to find a Turkish woman. Aprilia tell she's from Ottoman Empire too. And, Burhan surprised, he finally find the true love. 

+ Aprilia and Burhan's Marriage + by Serket-XXI Finally they married on 11 September 1794! Aprilia was 19 and Burhan was 27 (Since I still know an outfits from Turkish TV Series "Magnificent Century", I draw them with their wedding costume, because they follow Turkish wedding tradition.)

2 Weeks after they married Burhan want Aprilia to have a child, because he want her to become the true mother when she give birth their child. And she did it.

+ Chibi Aprilia, The Young Mother~ + by Serket-XXI + Chibi Aprilia and Her Husband + by Serket-XXI Look at her now, she's was happy to become pregnant! She can also touch her belly because she can feel the baby on inside~ Also she showing her pregnancy to her friends, Caroline ( :icongriffonetfourmis1793: 
) and Ignissus ( :iconborussiamacau89:+ Showing My Pregnancy to My Friends! + by Serket-XXI 

+ The Birth of Aprilia's Son + by Serket-XXI
On 7 May 1795, where her pregnancy is 9 month, it's time for Aprilia to give birth her son. (You can read the story here: It was her childbirth is difficult and painful, but, she can handle it...

+ Congrats Aprilia, It Was a Boy! + by Serket-XXI + Aprilia's First Breastfeeding + by Serket-XXI
... And, now Aprilia finally give birth her son, Mustafa, born in 7 May 1795. And look at her! She do the first breastfeeding to Mustafa! Ignissus said when she meet Aprilia, Mustafa are look like his father (Burhan) and he have a eyes like his mother (Aprilia)

+ We Will Have a Daughter! + by Serket-XXI4 months since her son Mustafa born, Aprilia decided to have a child again. Burhan agreed what she said, and finally, on 6 September 1795, Aprilia was pregnant again. She was so happy she will have a child again, and Aprilia tell Mustafa he will have a young sister.

At her 4 month pregnancy, the doctor tell Aprilia the baby's gender is girl. She and her husband Burhan so happy they will have a daughter.

But, on 10 February 1796, she got tragic story at her 5 month pregnancy... She was miscarriage her daughter... + I'm Sorry... Our Daughter is Gone... + by Serket-XXI That means she cannot have a child again until her death... But they still have a hope, they still have a son Mustafa.

Mustafa grown up fast, Aprilia and Burhan are so happy Mustafa still love his parents.

At 18 June 1815, Burhan was killed in action at the Battle of Waterloo, whee he was 48. Burhan was still a part of French Empire Army, he helping Napoleon, but he failed... Aprilia was very sad her husband died very quickly... While Mustafa was 20 years old and Aprilia was 40 years old.

Now Aprilia have to take care her son, because Mustafa was the only one child in her family. Luckily, Mustafa can do anything for her mother, so thats why Mustafa still love his mother and father.

Aprilia died on 12 August 1830 when she was 55 years old, because fever.


And that's all for Aprilia's story! I will draw Mustafa, Aprilia's son if I have a time.


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I will update Watercolor Commission soon.
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